Automate synthetic biology workflows for molecular cloning and strain engineering

Molecular cloning, an integral part of synthetic biology refers to the isolation of a DNA sequence from any species (often a gene), and its insertion into a vector for propagation, without alteration of the original DNA sequence. This is a very laborious process when done manually requiring hundreds of plates and kits. There are several areas where errors or contamination can occur. Automating the process can reduce FTE time by 50% while increasing throughput and efficiency two-fold.

Automate synthetic biology workflows

Example of an integrated system solution for a molecular cloning workstation:

  • QPix Microbial Colony Pickers
  • SpectraMax Microplate Reader
  • SoftMax Pro GxP Software
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek automated liquid handler
  • LiCONiC StoreX automated incubator
  • Micronic Tube Capper/De-Capper
  • Plate labeler, sealer and peeler
  • Multidrop Combi
  • PCR Platform
  • Plate Centrifuge
  • Fragment analyzer

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