StakMax Microplate Handling System

StakMax Microplate Handling System

Simple, economical microplate automation for any lab

Overview of StakMax Microplate Handling System

The StakMax® Microplate Handling System is a powerful, compact, benchtop microplate stacker that works seamlessly with Molecular Devices microplate readers and washers for improved process flow and higher throughput. The system comes with a single plate loading adapter and a choice of magazines for 20, 40 or 50 SBS-standard 96- and 384-well microplates, and barcode reading. All integration tools provided are easy to set up for each configuration.

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Program with ease

The stacker is programmed through SoftMax® Pro Software for easy setup using preconfigured automation scripts. AquaMax® Washer users can access all commands through the washer’s programming touchscreen.

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Create custom automation scripts

Use custom scripting commands to set instrument temperature, open and execute previously written protocols, load and return plates, restack or cycle plates, enable plate shaking, record barcode values, set file names, add repeat loops, save files, and more.

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Enable barcode identification

A barcode reader can be added to enable barcode identification of plates when integrated with SpectraMax® microplate readers.

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Simple to use

All the tools necessary for setup are standard, including a software calibration procedure. The entire setup process takes about 15 minutes and, once the system is aligned, it is ready to operate.

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Flexible operation

When integrated with the AquaMax® Washer, a batch of 20 ELISA microplates can be processed in as little as 13 minutes. Plates can be restacked to the input stack when a batch is completed, for further processing.

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Minimal plate movement

The stacker is designed to minimize plate movement time, while handling the microplates gently, eliminating liquid spillage.

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Barcode reading

A barcode reader accessory can be purchased with the system or added later and is easily installed onsite. The barcode reader can be configured to read either the short or long side of the microplate.

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StakMax® Microplate Handling System

Part Number
StakMax Plate Handling System
20-plate magazine (pair)
40-plate magazine (pair)
50-plate magazine
Shortside barcode reader
Longside barcode reader