REPRAPGURU DIY Prusa I3 3D printer kit Review

REPRAPGURU DIY RepRap Prusa I3 3D printer kitI just hit the jackpot.I once bought my daughter a 3D printer on her birthday, which went bust within a few days.

I could still visualize frowning on her face while complaining about the 3D printer. She is fond of 3D printing. Therefore I again thought to give her another this time the best one which could bring fun in her life.

I took help from my wife, and our search started for our lovely daughter.

Yes, it was like hitting the jackpot by our search. Our search was intense, and we wanted to be utterly satisfied. And the chance came in the form of a REPRAPGURU DIY RepRapPrusa I3 3D printer kit.

With a beautiful design, this 3D printer is really a fantastic product available in the market.

RipRapGuru DIY RepRapPrusa I3 3D printer kit beats other 3D printers in its performance. Besides its reliability, it has many built-in features like proper protection due to its solidity in the body, which is very fast and safe to use.

Above all,it is the best product at this price. I spent too much money on an earlier product but became disappointed.

I just wanted it for my child, but that does not mean it is primarily for children. This 3D printer can be of use if you are interested in 3D printing. Let’s see its ability and features that compelled me to buy it.

  • Brand name: RipRapGuru
  • Build Size: 8″ x 8″ x 7″
  • Filaments: ABS, PLA & Others
  • Extruder: Single
  • Item weight: 15 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 17 x 18 x 17 inches

Product Review

You have a chance to pursue your interest in 3D printing at home.

Now the 3D printer of your interest is just a click away and then enjoy perusing your interest. Customers, including my daughter and me, are very satisfied with this 3D printer and recommend this printer.

USA based company RepRapGuru especially had decided to meet our specific demands and give us simple, stable, reliable, well-designed, and beautiful products.

My wife and I are optimistic about the satisfaction of yours and your children after purchasing this 3D printer.

I know how it will be tough for you to take time out of your schedule and search for a good period of time; therefore, I thought to give you a review.

Your demands and RepRapGuru tried to bring as sophisticated products as possible. In a very reasonable price that you will suggest to your other friend for this product.

Moreover, this Company undertook this project in order to give some relaxation to us who frequently come across faulty things. I am sure that you willgo disappointed in the market competitiontrying to sell products by hook or by crook.

RepRapGuru has a well-organized process through which every product passes before emerging into the market. They aim to give you the best product – fault free, well-designed and simple product but modern type.

Trust is what RepRapGuru wants to win their customers. In such a quest, the Company can not let its customers down. Whatever it takes, RipRapGuru does not break its customers’ trust, which distinguishes it from other companies.

Design and Feature

It has a size that most suits your demand at this time. Not too large, not too small, but of ideal size.Unlike other 3d printers that prove too large or too small, its size gives it extra attraction to its users.

It has a very sophisticated design and manufactured by keeping in view the demand in terms of its design. We all want a beautify piece in our home, soits bits and piecesareaccording to your requirement.

If you are going to try your hand first time with a 3D printer, then its PLA filament will be just what youneed to start with for now. Besides, it has ABS filament that gives it more characteristics value in the market.

It has a dual capacity power bed with which you can easily print ABS filament objects. A dual capacity power bed is also helpful in time-saving. Extra features are good in this.

It is featured with an LCD plane that liberates you from bothering to connect with computer. You can operate it without it, and through its LCD Plane, that again saves you from extra gadgets if you like to be saved.

Its hot bed can reach up to 230-240 degrees and can easily take to the required temperature without much delay. You often come across customers complaining about the required temperature—no need to worry once you bring this 3D printer.

You can easily place this 3D printer on your desktop table without much difficulty. So it is not necessary that you must place it in one place always. It requires space like that for adjustment.

This 3D printer is very affordable in this time period, with so many sophisticated features and brilliant design. It comes with features and designs that you desperately need.

It is very stable and will not leave you in the lurch at small errors. It is very user-friendly and will be your partner for a relatively reasonable period of time.

And above all, it is from RipRapGuru, which, I have literarily,is very reliable in the market and is trusted for its best quality.

  • No cutting
  • No drilling
  • PLA and ABS filaments
  • Dual Power capacity beds
  • NoLCDdisplay
  • No Auto-levelling


In a moment, I introduced you to the most brilliant and well-praised product in the global market. Now it is time to leave you with your own brain to calculate your decision, keeping in its advantage in mind.

It is necessary to leave you with concluding remarks. I would recommend this product in final statements, and I really hope that my sincere effort is of some help in your quest to find out the best 3D printer.

This really a multi-featured product in the market. I bid you adieu remarks and hope you will be satisfied with this product after bringing it to your home and using it with all ease and love. Have fun with no worries.

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