Molecular Devices launches next-gen monoclonal verification imaging platform for automatic, day zero monoclonality assurance

CloneSelect Imager FL

CloneSelect® Imager FL provides a seamless end-to-end workflow for:

San Jose, Calif., Jan. 24, 2022Molecular Devices, LLC. , a leading provider of high-performance life science solutions, has officially launched its CloneSelect® Imager FL platform (CSI FL). The CSI FL is capable of imaging and reporting on label-free and multiplexed gene-edited single cells with automated monoclonal verification reporting.

“Label-free, gene-edited monoclonal imaging techniques can be a time-consuming and highly-subjective process,” said Dan O’Connor, Vice President, Drug Discovery, Molecular Devices. “By using multi-channel fluorescence, the CSI FL provides complete assurance that clonal cell lines for mAb production, drug screening, and cell and gene therapies came from a single gene-edited progenitor. The CSI FL offers high-speed imaging of banked cell lines with CRISPR-confirmed edits, helping to expedite the therapeutic discovery process while providing full audit trail regulatory reporting.”

By leveraging Molecular Devices’ existing label-free, best-in-class, clone imaging technology, the CSI FL adds the capability of imaging sensitive green and red fluorescent proteins to deliver:

“Our customers are as diverse as their scientific research, ranging from cell line development, to 3D biology, to drug screening – yet they’re united in a desire to work more efficiently, and with technologies that uncover answers, faster,” said Susan Murphy, President of Molecular Devices. “The CSI FL joins a robust product portfolio designed to help organizations move forward in their drug discovery journey with speed, accuracy, and confidence.”

To learn more about the automation-compatible CloneSelect Imager FL, visit the product page here.

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