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Complete solutions for a fully integrated lab automation workflow

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Explore lab automation-ready workflows for an end-to-end, high-throughput screening solution

Automation and customization solutions include scientists and engineers who can customize our instruments, as well as automate entire workflows to meet the specific needs of your assay, method, or protocol. We take a consultative approach to understand your application requirements and recommend labware, lab robotics, and software solutions that best match the unique needs of your application.

At the new Organoid Innovation Center at Molecular Devices we showcase these cutting-edge technologies with novel 3D biology methods to address key challenges of scaling complex 3D biology.

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Streamline workflows with comprehensive solutions

We offer services from consultation through to implementation. Our solutions include throughput analysis, software and hardware customization, factory acceptance, site acceptance, and validation testing.

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Test with biological samples

Our scientists work with you to understand your process and biological requirements, so we can reproduce and test the actual performance in-house prior to shipment.

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Maximize uptime with global support

With over 40 years experience supporting life science research and a global support network, our solutions provide you peace of mind.

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Turnkey service

We share our application and instrumentation expertise and propose solutions. We test solutions in-house and, upon validation, install at your facility. We then follow through with on-site support.

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Scalable automation

The Automation & Customization Team can adapt our instruments to seamlessly integrate into larger lab automation workstations. We also design and test whole workstations from scratch.

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Hardware customization

From custom labware, to unique transfer pins, or special handling requirements, we’ll work to find a solution and prove it through validation.

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Software customization

We can modify the programming interface of our instruments to match your application, integrate into LIMS or data management systems, customize a user interface, and control any custom-designed hardware.

Complete solutions for fully integrated lab automation workflow

No matter the scientific question or application at hand, an automated workflow can bring answers to light, faster. By integrating leading technology from across the industry into a flexible, customizable workcell, researchers can greatly optimize their time in the lab and free up resources for other critical tasks, speeding discovery.

Industry-leading technology from collaborators integrate seamlessly into the workcell, creating a truly end-to-end, automated workflow solution for any lab. From incubators, liquid handlers, and robotics to customized software and hardware—and with over 35 years of experience in the life science industry—you can count on us to deliver quality products and provide worldwide support.

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