Lab automation for high throughput clone screening

Lab automation for high-throughput clone screening

Fully-integrated, lab automation solution for molecular cloning, antibody discovery, and monoclonality

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Mammalian and microbial clone screening projects traditionally begin with a target—a receptor, protein, or gene that participates in a biological pathway of interest. Next comes screening, where thousands to millions of cells are tested and analyzed in relation to the target. This presents a significant bottleneck for labs as it requires laborious and time-consuming methods across a wide range of analytical platforms.

With Molecular Devices automated clone screening workflows, you can ease the burden on your lab by significantly reducing hands-on-time while creating a central repository for data pulled from multiple processes. Our automated solutions unify all of your laboratory devices to increase your throughput and efficiency while reducing human interaction.

Scalable, integrated automation solution for cell line development, synthetic biology, antibody discovery, and cell and gene therapy

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