HICTOP Creality Open Source CR-10 3D Printer Review 2023

HICTOP Creality Open Source CR-10 3D PrinterLooking for a 3D printer, wait a minute, read out this article, and be saved from getting a defective product, and eventually, it will save money and time.

As the world is rapidly moving towards technology, more and more people are becoming interested in information technology and are enthusiastic about learning new skills and tools.

Recently, many people have started buying 3D printers; for some people, it is a new technology, they are getting scammed or buying expensive products.

But if you are an experienced person and have a sound knowledge of 3D printers, still you will find it difficult to choose the best 3D printer which suits you well.

Therefore in this article, we are going to present you with a detailed review of one of the best and top-rated 3D printers we have found for you, which is not only reliable, efficient but also cost-effective.

Before moving further, keep in mind that there are many things that you need to look for in a 3D printer before spending money on it. As there are many types of printers available in the market, each one offering different features and functions, you need to be extra careful before selecting the best printer for you.

Although each printer has specific and unique features, but it may not be helpful for all of us. Just like a beginner does not need a fully advanced 3D printer as it will not be beneficial for him, and he may find it difficult to operate it.

Therefore, it is important that you analyze your needs and requirements first and then start looking for the 3D printers. It will become easier for you to choose the best 3D printer as per your standard and requirements.

Since you are here, it doesn’t matter for us whether you are a beginner or a professional, the 3D printer we are reviewing here can be used by anyone and at any time. It is one of the most user-friendly, efficient, and reliable 3D printers we have.

Not wasting your time, let me reveal the name of the 3D printer we are discussing here, and that is none other than the HICTOP Creality Open Source CR-10 3D Printer. Let us go through some quick specs to find out the basic details of this 3D printer.

  • Brand: HICTOP
  • Style: 3DP-20
  • Color: Blue
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Item Shape: Square
  • Item Weight: 7 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Printing Size: 300*300*400mm
  • Printing Speed: Normal: 80mm/s, Max.: 200mm/s
  • Nozzle temp: 250 degree
  • Nozzle: 0.4mm, 0.3mm, 0.2mm
  • Extruder Quantity: 1
  • Molding: FDM
  • Body Structure: Imported V-Slot Aluminum Bearings
  • Printing Method: TF card(off-line), contact to the PC(online)


As you know that most of the 3D printers are expensive, so you must be careful that the printer you receive is not damaged, defected, or has any other problem. To ensure this, you must purchase the 3D printer from the well-known brand.

Hence, the HICTOP Creality Open Source CR-10 3D Printer we are reviewing here is manufactured by the HICTOP. It one of the oldest, renowned, and established brands when it comes to 3D printing.

This printer is equipped with the latest features and design and can be used by beginners and as well as experts. The unique functions of this 3D printer make it one of the top-rated and most-selling printer of this brand.

For knowing further details of specific features and functions, lets read out below to find out how it works and what are the benefits we have by having this 3D printer.

Design and Features:

Having a 3D printer is not a luxury but a need of the time. With a 3D printer, you can create 3D models and mockups, design prototypes, or produce complex shapes using less material in less time than traditional methods.

With 3D printings, you can modify or make changes in the design in between so that you get the perfect model at the end. It saves your resources, energy, time, and also money.

Since the printer we are talking about here is a product of the HICTOP brand, there should be no doubt on its quality, reliability, and effectiveness.

This printer is among one of the printers who have large build volume space, so in this 3D printer, you can create as large models as 300X300X400mm. It can also be upgraded to 500x500x500cm if needed. In addition, it also supports online and offline printing.

For effectiveness, the heating bed is made up of an industrial-grade aluminum alloy platform and special tempered glass. It ensures the balance and prevents wear and tear; it is easy to make changes or to take out the model.

You will receive semi-assembled parts so that you can set it up on your own within a few minutes and start operating it as soon as you get it. Wires are already connected to the control board with labels; all you have to do is hook everything up.The controller board, LCD, and power supply are intended together, making it safe and secure.

Along with this printer, you will get a free set of tools, 2 pcs hotbed tapes, four pcs leveling nuts, and one spool of filament. Plus, it also contains Spare screws and Wrench kits, PLA filaments, and a user manual with simple to follow instructions.

With imported V-Slot Aluminum Bearings body structure, it has an attached 3 inch LCD screen with aircraft knob. The printer supports all the latest software with Linux, Windows, and OSX operating system compatibility.

With a big printing volume and high accuracy, this printer is stable, does not make noise, and has a continuous working time, which lasts more than 100 hours.

  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Large printing volume
  • Accurate and precise prints
  • Low maintenance
  • Beginners may find it difficult to operate.
  • No power backup
HICTOP has a team of experts who designed their products with the utmost focus, care, protection, and concentrations. The final product is thoroughly tested before it reaches the user. So there are no chances that you will get a defected product. Contact support is available in case you may find any difficulty in installation or operations.

We believe that this 3D printer is the best pick for you as it has all the necessary features. Plus, it is not costly as compared to other 3D printers with the same functionality and design. You must get this product if you are looking to have a 3D printer.

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