Formlabs Form 3L 3D Printer – A Complete Review 2020

Formlabs Form 3L 3D PrinterPeople in old times used to create objects by consuming a lot of time and work. But now technology has so developed to allow us to create objects in 3d without more work and time.

It is a specialty that makes this the technology of 3d printing so useful in business and education. But many inexperienced people are trying to use that technology and they end up with useless printers.

People are always getting fraud by these companies that only want money but don’t return the desired quality.

If you have ever gone through this painful experience or want to buy a reliable printer then you are fortunate because I am sharing here Formlabs Form 3L 3D Printer. This printer is extremely powerful and user friendly.

It can be the only choice for those who want to create great design without any trouble. Form 3L 3D Printer uses the modern laser for shaping solid objects and requires little effort of maintenance.

Although this printer has the best printing quality, it is expensive too. The price of Form 3L 3D Printer begins with $3,499.

However, this company also offers a lot of other products that are cheap but they require more maintenance and experience for better quality printing. That is the only reason I have just mentioned only form 3l printer.

  • Can be connected through Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet
  • Bigger and better quality touch screen
  • Uses materials from resigning cartridges.
  • 25 microns XY resolutions.

Product review:

Formlabs form 3L 3D Printer shares great similarities with previous printers from the company. It has a black base and orange hood at the top. The hood is designed in a way to see the process and orange color stops the light to disturb the process.

In Forms 3l printer you have a greater size of printing. It has 1,230 cubic inches area in total. Also, it has a larger model that offers greater space and hard to maintain. But it may costs you even higher.

From the printing point of view, form 3l did not have failed any attempt in the experimenting stage. It prints layer by layer with a height from 0.1mm to 0.025.In this regard, it has flexible plastic at the bottom that guarantees better quality.

Form 3l has the best touch screen feature that can be used to control it. Also, it has an online dashboard with a mature feature. Through both the ways it provides good results.

In regards to the pre-printing stage, it has preform. It is a software that helps create and modify your D models that support standard formats like .stl and .obj. Moreover, it is a free tool and can be used on mac and windows operating systems.

It let you prepare your print automatically and even after that you can modify your model and multiple models can be placed for printing.

The dashboard on the website presents to you a good number of features.  Any printer linked with your account would appear there. At this place, it gives you complete details of the material you have use and materials at your disposal.

It let you know successful and failed attempts. In short, it offers you every control and required details.

Form 3l printer works fine even at a faster speed. And with an available limit of 0.025mm, the layers are hardly recognizable. It works fine with complex and geometric designs. With geometric shapes, it produces sharp edges that can ever be created.

What’s new?

Though Form 3 and 3l have great similarities with each other, still there are differences between form 3 and 3l. One of the major differences is in size. 3l is for bigger and industrial products. It is also considered as the bigger version of form 3.

Furthermore, The Formlabs Form 3L 3D Printer is useful for creating applications from dental to industrial use. It can easily create complex prototype objects.

For better surface quality, form 3l has LFS (light force stereo lithographic). It solves the challenge of surface quality by using the LFS. The major difference between LFS and SLA is that of linear laser illumination and a feasible tank. It gives high quality and smooth surface than older SLA.

Unlike form 3, form 3l has a light processing unit (LPU). This is a high power laser for exact shaping of the 3d object. This 250 MW laser is capable of shaping hard materials and it is no matching to SLA. Both lasers go around the resin tank to give a perfect shot.

Features and design:

The printers from form 3l printers have the option to use the resin company only. However, there are almost all materials available. But some high tag materials are available at a high price.

Additionally, many printers in the market still require manual bed leveling but the Formlabs Form 3L 3DPrinter has automatic bed leveling. Furthermore, the optical sensor is inbuilt for auto-calibration.

More importantly, form 3l printer makers have the best customer service. You can place your problems and queries on their website. Also, the earliest possible responses are provided to customers. They have videos available for how to use dashboard, software, and the printer.

The Forms 3l printer automatically monitors the whole process throughout the system. It shows progress to customers. The printer also warns when there is unwanted liquid or any other material.

The form 3l is user friendly. To change the material you just need to change the cartridge rather than pouring materials manually.

  • Lower peel force makes it best for print quality.
  • Fast and clear printing
  • Suitable price as the printer has both SLA and LFS laser technologies
  • bed leveling is fully Automatic
  • Light support simple and quick to remove.
  • Self-monitoring system
  • Expensive in price than other products in the market.
  • A support structure is needed for all designs.
If you prefer quality over cost then form 3l printer is especially for you. It is hard at first sight to appreciate the printer but you will get addicted to it soon you start using it.

Form 3l printer is one of the fastest and best quality 3d printer.It is a wise and successful choice you could ever make.

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