Dated: Feb 16, 2023

Publication Name: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Citations : Engineering protein glycosylation in CHO cells to be highly similar to murine host cells

The researchers engineered CHO cells shown to produce mAbs with murine glycans, then analyzed by methods typically used as a part of demonstrating biosimilarity. This study demonstrates the feasibility of engineering CHO cells to express mAbs with murine glycans to facilitate the development of biosimilars that are highly similar to marketed reference products expressed in murine cells. Plates were imaged on a high-throughput CloneSelect Imager to verify clonality on Day 0 and monitor clone expansion on Days 7 and 14 post-sort before scaling up to 50 mL spin tubes.
Contributors: Shivani Gupta, Bhavana Shah, Coral Shek Fung, Pik Kay Chan, Devin L. Wakefield, Scott Kuhns, Chetan T. Goudar and James M. Piret

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