Bibo Dual Extruder 3D Printer : In-Depth Review 2023

Bibo Dual Extruder 3D PrinterWe save 50% of our money by buying one 3d printer instead of buying two different.

Weare two in-home – I and my wife. We both had different hobbies to enjoy, in our leisure time. I wanted to have a sophisticated machine with all features for my engraving interest.

While on the other hand, my wife wanted quite a different machine for her interest in 3D printing.

We thought of buying two entirely different types of gadgets, but opportunity provides itself in the shape of the Bibo dual extruder 3D printer.

It was difficult to accommodate two products; at the same time,in our apartment, similarly, it was very expensive to buy two things at a reasonable price.

But, thank God, our dilemma was solved with the help of the Bilo dual extruder 3D printer. I really am indebted to this company for such a fantastic product with up to date feature for customers.

Besides this remarkable access, this 3D printer gave multiple features for both its main purpose i.e., 3D printing and laser Engraving.

This has excellent design and can print as well as engrave on multiple objects.

Moreover, it can engrave on woods and other materials, too. My experience was beyond my knowledge, and therefore I am optimistic about you having the same surprising chance.

My only aim is to introduce you to a product that you need with changing time. To have a proper tour of this product, just read this article, and you don’t have to throw your money on faulty and quality-less things. You have come to the right place. Here, these features will properly guide you about this product.

  • Brand Name: BIBO
  • Item Weight: 40.2 pounds
  • Item model number: BIBO2 touch laser X
  • Colour: Silver/Red


You are paying the price because everyone knows, nothing comes free. Furthermore, you just don’t throw your money away; whenever you buy things, you need stuff with the best quality, affordability, and reliability.

Therefore, you want to pick things carefully. These specific demands are appropriately met when you bring bio dual extruder 3Dprinter from the market.

I have had all the benefits from this excellent product; now, it’s your turn to have such an advantage at your fingertip.

New interests are arising in human and 3D printing is one of them, besides engraving. This product has the capability to be your friends in your enjoyment that you need in this technological advancing epoch.

Like me, Before purchasing any item, you enlist things that you want must be featured in the product.

Quality comes first that is enlisted in everyone’s demand, so was it in mine also. The Bibo dual extruder 3D printer meets your foremost demand and brings you the best possible reliability ever.

Additionally, its affordability cannot be questioned because you will have no complaint about these things once you have used this 3D printer.

People spin a tale from thin air, but what I am exclaiming is the result of my actual and personal experience with Bibo.

Design and Feature

First of all, its design is stunning that you will most adore and will look decent if it is placed in your chamber and gives a professional touch to your working. This 3D printer is specifically designed to enchant you toward it.

The authenticity and reliability of the Bibo dual extruder 3D printer make it a top-notch product and bestselling in the market.

Itsduality, which is its main feature, brings many possibilities forth. Due to this similar reason, it proves a very fast and time-saving 3D printer.

No matter where you live, sometimes electricity, due to technical problems, goes off and you think your 3D printer will start again from the beginning.

No, this product is manufactured, keeping this situation in view. Don’t worry, and it will start printing where you have left before the breakdown of electricity. Resume ability is its capability.

It has a cooling fan in front and back that keeps 3D printer safe and sound. You can also control these fans through touch. Once it has brought to the high temperature, the temperature can be lower down.

The surprising feature is it does not only print but also engraves. This is what everyone timely needed. Whether you want to imprint on wood or plastic, this will help you.

With all these features and brilliant design, it is of a brand famous for its reliability and efficiency.

Bodily,Bibo dual extruder 3D printer is prepared to be safe in any untoward time. So you need not be too much careful about this 3D printer.

You will face no complexity in your work. It meets the desired result in a straightforward and easy way. Similarly, it is effortless to operate and simple to instruct for your 3D design.

It has a full-color touch screen, which is relaxed and friendly to manipulate. Therefore no difficulty in operating.

Its networking feature enables you to control it through mobile or Personal Computer. Comfortability new feature comes to fore that is due to its networking feature.

  • Multiple colors
  • Many accessories
  • Precision
  • Removable Glass bed
  • Durable
  • Laser engraving
  • Small build area
  • No auto-bed leveling
  • Nozzle Clogs


You may have gasped in surprise while going through these brilliant features. I took you thorough features, review the pros, cons, and everything necessary that you needed to know about a 3D product.

With a myriad of advantages and ignorable cons, this 3D printer is the perfect thing to have in your home. Whatever you needed to have for decision making,I have provided you here.
You will probably not want to lose this opportunity, so grab it immediately before this product runs out of the market.
Opportunity is in front of you in the shape of the Bibo dual extruder 3Dprinter.

I hope it is helpful. Kindly do consider these suggestions while deciding for the best 3D printer with engraving feature. Two in one, Bibo dual extruder 3D printer is what you have to have with you in this epoch.

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