Top 5 Best 3d Printers under 500$ in 2022 & Buying Guide

Top 5 Best 3d Printers under 500$ in 2020 & Buying GuideAre you a person with creative thinking and innovative thoughts, you have so many ideas circulating in your mind and you want to apply it in real world. Well you have come to the right place. Here I am going to present you the best 3D printers in which you can visualize your imagination and ideas into virtual reality and then can apply or implement it in real world.

The best printers depend on person to person and their needs or requirements. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in your filed, the best printer would be the one which offers you full features with high resolution printing at affordable cost.

Best 3D Printer

There are many factors which are considered when you are looking for best 3D printers.

Considering that you are a beginner, then you don’t need a fully equipped 3D printer with advance features, simple, reliable and easy to setup printer with user friendly interface would be enough for you to start.

But if you are an expert and you need multiple high-quality large prints in limited time using different materials and various filament colors, than definitely you must have a printer with all advance features including automation, easy to understand user interface, safety and environmental friendly.

The most important factors you need to look for in a printer are:

The type of printer you required, quality of the prints you want to produce, which material you are going to use, printing speed you need and the required build area to print. Which software will fulfill your requirements and connectivity options it offers are also an important points to consider.

And one thing which we all check is the price of the product, if the product is reliable and fulfill all of our requirements than the price does not matter for professionals as they prefer quality over price.

Considering these things in mind, we have gathered here some of the best 3D printers you can choose from even if you are at beginner level or at an expert level.


Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer
(Editor’s Choice)

ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer
Dremel Digilab 3D45 Award Winning 3D Printer
QIDI TECHNOLOGY New Generation 3D Printer
Flashforge Dreamer 3d Printer


 1. Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer

Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D PrinterAs you can see the name, Comgrow is a brand in which you can trust blindly, you should feel no hesitation when purchasing Comgrow Creality products. There printers are widely used in all over the world from beginners to advanced level.

In this version of printer, you are getting a wide variety of tools and features.

It has a removable build surface plate which is one the important factor to consider when buying a new printer because the build surface of the printer is responsible for protection of your build product and maintaining the temperature throughout the surface.

This printer comes with licensed power supply which protects your printer from unexpected power shortage and in case it faces any power outage, it can resume printing from where it has left.

This printer gives you a semi assembled kit with clear instructions on how to put it all together, meanwhile learning the basic interface of the printer as you join it. The printer’s extruder is designed in a way that lessens the possibility of clogged nozzle and bad extrusion.

  • Black color with 18.96 pounds weight
  • Feasible material to use in this printer is Aluminum_1100
  • 40*40 Y axis frame design which improves stability
  • Product Dimensions: 20.9 x 15 x 7.9 inches; 18.96 pounds
  • power supply ensures stable and sufficient power
  • Can resume printing after a break
  • Perfect for STEM projects
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used by kids or beginners
  • Nozzle size can vary
  • Comes with an old version of software
  • Need to change setting when using different filament


2. ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer

ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D PrinterSearching for ELEGOO products, be warned that you will not use any other company’s products after using ELEGOO’s products. The machines or equipment’s produce by this company are unmatchable and unique in every aspect.

You need fast speed printing, this product offers you the latest version of CHITUBOX, a slicer software specialized for SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printer users, the task which takes 10 minutes to complete by other printers, this printer would take a minute to do it.

ELEGOO offers its own resin comes with this product, which if used, will need in less amount and will also give you a better printing result.

The best thing about this product is that it has 3.5” inch color touch screen which means that you can do offline printing too using this printer, and the build surface it provide is equipped with steel ball balancing structure which makes the printer start as soon as you are done with assembling the product.

Even if you are new to 3D printing, you can use this product as it comes with user friendly interface which is easy to understand by everyone and semi assembled equipment so that it does not take much of you time in assembling the parts of the printer. Also, ELEGOO products comes with a package box which contains all necessary parts you need to start with.

The axis resolution given by this printer gives you an HD prints with equal accuracy and precision.

  • Color would be black
  • Material use by this printer is Aluminum
  • 5 Inch Touch Screen with USB connectivity option
  • Printing Speed is 22.5mm/h with UV integrated light source.
  • Very easy to set-up and use
  • To the point detail and incredible resolution
  • Relatively requires low maintenance
  • Little bit noisy



3. Dremel Digilab 3D45 Award Winning 3D Printer

Dremel Digilab 3D45 Award Winning 3D PrinterDremel products are always in demand for printing advance materials with high quality and accuracy. Dremel is one of the largest company who is manufacturing 3D printers from the very beginning. Their products are highly scalable and comes with advanced features and tools.

Digilab 3D45 is one of the most selling products of Dremel and surprisingly no complain has been registered yet, be it quality or reliability.

This printer is optimized and tested to print 4 types of filament: Nylon, PETG, Eco-ABS, & PLA, along with it has a motor which pulls the filament directly from the extruder.

The filament recognition system automatically changes the temperature to match the material. If your 3D print will take a long time, you can monitor and capture time-lapse videos of it using the built-in HD camera. The printer also has a built-in touch screen with in-built icons for easy setup and operation.

This printer offers multiple connectivity option including Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB and even it has remote printing software so you can print and monitor your prints from anywhere.

The edge it has over other printers is that it has smart sensor technology, allowing effortless, accurate calibrations, and easy set-up. The touch screen shows you in real time how to precisely level the plate with just the turn of a button.

There’s also a carbon filters to protect from harmful rays and unpleasant odors.

  • Black color with 42.8 pounds weight
  • The print area supports a build volume of 10 x 6 x 6.7″, with a 50-300-micron layer resolution
  • Touchscreen Size 4.5 in (diagonal), full Color IPS with 8GB internal storage
  • Printer Size 645x406x404mm (20.3x16x15.9in)
  • Uses Nylon, ECO-ABS & PLA Filaments
  • Easy to setup with user friendly interface
  • Impressive print quality
  • Relatively quit
  • Designed to enhance safety and reliability
  • Reduced print quality when third-party filament is introduced
  • Not feasible for beginners



4. QIDI TECHNOLOGY New Generation 3D Printer

QIDI TECHNOLOGY New Generation 3D PrinterQIDI Technology printers are designed in a way that you can use it whether you are an individual or running an organization. Their printers are loaded with basic to advanced features along with attractive and suitable design. Most importantly, their printers come assembled so that your time is not wasted in assembling it.

This printer is equipped with high-quality aluminum plate which gives uniformity and solve printing faults effectively. Heating platform supports printing ABS filament as well as PLA filament.

QIDI print slicer is self-developed 3D slicing software using intelligent model segmentation technology due to which high quality prints are produced.

3D Printer has 3.5 Inch touch screen, which make it sensitive, and avoid screen distortion. The LCD touch screen design allows you to experience a more user-friendly 3D printer interface.

QIDI technology 3d printer use upgraded protective cover of the extruder which gives it better ventilation. Also, it has 2 layered structure which gives more stability, long life and makes it more resistant to heat.

Heating bed of this printer is made up of aviation Aluminum due to which the model adheres well on the bed.

  • Printing Size: 5.5*5.5*5.5 Inch
  • Material used is plastic
  • Build volume 5.5”x5.5”x5.5”(140x140x140mm)
  • Filament types: PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG
  • Solve the problem of uneven platform and difficult model.
  • Support both printing PLA and ABS filaments
  • Reliable, durable and cost-effective
  • Produces prints of excellent quality in little time
  • Very noisy while in operation



5. Flashforge Dreamer 3d Printer, Dual Extruder, Fully Enclosed Chamber

Flashforge Dreamer 3d PrinterFlashforge is a company which is manufacturing 3D printing equipment’s and materials since many years and now is considered one of the topmost company in the world, providing stable and high quality products. Their printers are best used for professional and as well as for personal use.

Their printers arrive pre-assembled with quick start guide so you don’t need time in assembling it.

Talking about the outer body, this printer has been built with high quality plastic alloy with removable covers for ventilation and maintenance purpose, this makes it ideal for stabilizing the inner temperature and protects the print from external interference.

This printer has a built in 3.5-inch full-color HD IPS touchscreen integrated into the front panel, it is very responsive and easy to navigate, and it support multiple languages. It also uses dual extruder which allows printing of multiple color objects at the same time.

Including WIFI, this printer has SD card reader slot and a USB-to-PC port along with this printer itself has 4GB of onboard memory to store prints.

Flashforge has its own developed slicing software but it is not necessary to use it, you can use any software you want. The print quality of this printer is unmatchable regardless of how big your model is and how much time it takes.

  • ARM Cortex-M4 CPU processor, computing faster
  • IPS material 3.5 in multi-language touchscreen LCD panel operation
  • Built-in 4g memory support with storing file and folder
  • Can upgrade firmware on the machine, to keep it always up-to-date
  • Support with USB 2.0 / 32G memory card
  • Support with Windows XP/7/8 32/64 bit, Linux, and Mac OS
  • Enclosed chamber insulating temperature reducing external interference
  • Built-in multiple user-defined LED pixel strips
  • Size: 12.6” x 18.4” x 15”
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Build Volume: 9.1” x 5.9” x 5.5”
  • Pros number one
  • Pros number two
  • Pros number three
  • Cons number one
  • Cons number two
  • COns number three

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