Dated: Dec 07, 2012

Publication Name: PLOS ONE

Citations : Analyzing Illumina Gene Expression Microarray Data from Different Tissues: Methodological Aspects of Data Analysis in the MetaXpress Consortium

Microarray profiling of gene expression is widely applied in molecular biology and functional genomics. Experimental and technical variations make meta-analysis of different studies challenging. In a total of 3358 samples, all from German population-based cohorts, we investigated the effect of data preprocessing and the variability due to sample processing in whole blood cell and blood monocyte gene expression data, measured on the Illumina HumanHT-12 v3 BeadChip array

Contributors: Claudia Schurmann, Katharina Heim, Arne Schillert, Stefan Blankenberg, Maren Carstensen, Marcus Dörr, Karlhans Endlich, Stephan B. Felix, Christian Gieger, Harald Grallert, Christian Herder, Wolfgang Hoffmann, Georg Homuth, Andreas Ziegler

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