Dated: Nov 15, 2022

Publication Name: American Journal of Cancer Research

Citations : A multi-targeting natural product, aiphanol, inhibits tumor growth and metastasis

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in humans globally, and the development of effective anticancer drugs is of the utmost importance. This study demonstrated that aiphanol functions as a naturally existing multi-targeting agent that antagonizes tumor growth and metastasis. The study suggests that aiphanol might be a promising and safe lead compound for cancer treatment. The CloneSelect Imager FL was used to evaluate cell confluence rates every 24 hours.
Contributors: Shan-Mei Chen, Jun-Nan Feng, Chuan-Ke Zhao, Li-Cheng Yao, Li-Xin Wang, Lin Meng, Shao-Qing Cai, Cai-Yun Liu, Li-Ke Qu, Yan-Xing Jia, and Cheng-Chao Shou

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