3D Ready Organoid Expansion Service

Providing large batches of standardized assay-ready organoids

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Organoid production at scale using our patent-pending bioprocess technology

Industrial manufacturing of human-derived 3D organoids is now possible with our 3D Ready Organoid Expansion Service. This proprietary bioreactor and patent-pending bioprocess technology offers large scale expansion of organoids, by generating high volumes of reproducible organoid models.

Organoids can model complex in vivo processes in vitro. Using human materials, such as Patient-Derived Organoids (PDOs), earlier in research and development provides biotech and pharma with patient-centric models that give more applicable results, potentially enabling a reduction in the use of animals and animal tissues.

Expansion Service

Custom organoid expansion at scale

Unique, customized service enables you to expand your own organoid lines to a scale large enough to suit your individual requirements. Consistent and reproducible batches enable you to confidently perform screens across thousands of compounds with high statistical power and accurate read-outs.

Cell organoids

Reproducible, standardized organoids

Our Industrial bioprocess creates large quantities of organoids of unrivaled quality. These are subjected to our quality assurance process to ensure compliance with our rigorous standards and uniformity within and between batches.

Buy organoids as consumables in an assay-ready format

Generate large batches of organoids to use at your convenience, saving bench-time and allowing you to focus on research.

Assay-Ready Organoids




Frozen vials of organoids are available when you need them, streamlining your workflow and accelerating your research.


Scalable and reproducible

Batches of more than 6 million reproducible organoids enable these powerful models to be used for high-throughput applications.


Accurate and predictive cell models

Patient-derived organoids more accurately model cell interactions and tissue function, making them more predictive and relevant for your research.

Quality controlled

A rigorous - and customizable - quality control process ensures your organoids meet our standards and your expectations.

Custom organoid expansion workflow

Our semi-automated bioprocess minimizes handling and reduces operator variability to produce consistent and reproducible batches of homogeneous organoids. Throughout the process, our team of organoid experts works with you to ensure successful expansion of your organoid lines.

Molecular Devices technology is at the forefront of the implementation of 3D organoid models. We facilitate the provision of patient-derived organoids at scale for pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and academic institutions. We specialize in applications such as drug discovery, that require large quantities of high-quality, standardized organoids in reproducible batches.

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Organoid expansion process – efficient, reproducible, scalable

Quality-controlled organoids are manufactured at scale for high-throughput screening, leveraging proprietary bioreactor and patent-pending bioprocess technology to produce efficient, reproducible, scalable PDOs. These can be deployed in many applications, including drug discovery and organ-on-a-chip applications.

Until recently, organoids could only be grown and expanded manually. This is a technically challenging, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process resulting in small numbers of inconsistently sized organoids, limiting their suitability for use in high throughput applications and widespread use by big pharma and biotech.

Organoid expansion process – efficient, reproducible, scalable

This 'disruptive’ Molecular Devices bioprocess, now in its second generation, has enabled a significant increase in standardized PDO volume production compared to manual processes. Improved process control, including the use of inline sensors and real-time monitoring, ensures precise culture conditions for large, reproducible batches of standardized organoids. This is a significant step change from existing manual PDO culture methods, enabling organoids to be used in high-throughput assays earlier in the drug discovery cascade.

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